Kettle…You’re Sirius Black


Xavier: “Is there a Harry Potter Day?”

Me: “I don’t think so, but if they do make one, it should be on July 31st for Harry’s birthday or on September 1st for the Hogwarts start of term.”

Liam: “NERD!”

Me: “He said…wearing his 7th Star Wars shirt this week.”

Liam: (death glare)

26 thoughts on “Kettle…You’re Sirius Black

  1. Wow… The things I learn… it’s 2 days before Star Wars Day according to this wiki entry:

    There’s apparently a story about it being the Battle of Hogwarts. I think you’d know this more than I would.. I bailed after Philosopher’s Stone when I was able to determine that Hermione was Rowling’s self-insertion.

    • Ugh, really? I think that should be it’s own holiday as a sort of Memorial Day. Yes, I’m that level of nerd…who needs more than one holiday, and one of them is to remember the fictional people we lost on that sad, sad, fake day.

      • You’re talking to the man that celebrates Emancipation Day (it’s in my journal (WordPress) and can be looked up), Coming Out Day, Calling in Queer Day (that’s discretionary and used more often than once a year), Equinox Days, Everyday is Halloween Day (also celebrated more than once a year), along with Beltane, Imbolc… The list goes on.

        The point it — if the nation won’t recognize it — make it part of your own tradition… Eventually it’ll be picked up by others..

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