White Girls Be Crazy.



In order for you to get the full impact of this story, you need to picture my daughter…the 5′ 3″, 105 lb high school freshman.

Me: “So…how was detention?”

Caolinn: “There was a small incident.”

Me: “Ummmm?”

Caolinn: “I was in the back, getting my biology homework done, and this huge Mexican kid…I think he’s a junior…comes and sits behind me, and starts saying all this obscene stuff about me in Spanish to the kid sitting next to him.”

Me: “Uh oh.  What did you do?”

Caolinn: (In Spanish) “Next time you start talking about someone’s boobs, make sure they haven’t been taking Spanish since Pre-K, you stupid little bitch.”

Me: “What did he do!?”

Caolinn: “He looked so scared; he got up and sat by the teacher.”

Me: “I shouldn’t…oh, my, God…” (laughing uncontrollably)

59 thoughts on “White Girls Be Crazy.

      • for all us would-be parents, would you please, please, give us a step by step rundown on how you raised this amazing kid of yours?
        (i am assuming that i will want to have kids someday, hence the self description of “would be parents”..better to have all bases covered..ahaha..)

      • Hilariously, I never cursed in her presence until recently, but she seems to be fluent regardless…I blame the other kids. *cough* She’s sort of amazing. I didn’t always know we’d get where we are, especially this young, but she makes me proud every day. The very fact that you want your daughters to be strong, tells me that you will make it so. 🙂

  1. Dying!! That was awesome! Sounds like a response MY daughter would have given. I live in TX and there are a lot of “Spanish speaking folk” around here. So most (not all) watch what they say because you never know who might understand you. BUT… sometimes I really wish I knew how to speak Vietnamese then I would know what those girls in the salon were saying! LOL! 😀

  2. THAT IS AWESOME. I love when young women can demonstrate sticking up for themselves and doing it with humor. I’ve had so many situations in my life where I’m the only woman and not exactly treated with respect…I usually take the humor route and find it still gets me what I want, but in a way that gets me respect.

  3. That happened to the daughter of a friend of mine, only in Japanese. (Not the crudeness though). Talking on the phone in line at Starbucks apparently doesn’t offer immunity, no matter what language you’re trying to get away with. Turns out they got married and now have a 1 year old daughter.

  4. HAHAHA! Morrigan (first grade) is very into learning Spanish, and I encourage her as much as possible. She’s a native Arizonan; it’s necessary. I can totally see her doing something similar. Your daughter is AWESOME. 🙂

  5. This exact thing happened to me on the bus when I was a teenager. LOL! Kids were talking about me in Spanish not knowing that I am native speaker. Good for your daughter. 🙂

  6. elitosphere

    Y por eso adoro a Caolinn. No importa the size of the body… it’s the sharpness of the tongue that matters! I wonder WHO she inherited that one from??

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