Car Conversations Never End Well


Liam: “What was the name of that actor who did the Lincoln commercials?”

Xavier: “Matthew McConaughey.”

Liam: “What was he even in? ย Why is he even famous?”

Xavier: “He was in Interstellar, and grown-up women find him attractive.”

Liam: “Mom, do you find him attractive?”

Me: “You mean Matthew McConagh-heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy.”

Xavier: “Jesus, mother.”

31 thoughts on “Car Conversations Never End Well

  1. I think his face looks like it got squished in a vice-grip and I’m always shouting at him to “Speak up!” Why does he whisper his lines? That being said, I did like him in Interstellar.

  2. Doug in Oakland

    “…grown-up women find him attractive.โ€
    Sounds like he has the whole thing figured out. I had it figured out at 14, thank the FSM that’s no longer the case.

  3. I’m with Xavier on this one. He does nothing for me. About the only thing I know is that he was in the right places at the right time. After that. Pfft, I’ve seen better looking and acting men.

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