Next Stop…Red Bull In Your Lunchbox, Kids!


Caolinn: “Mom, I can’t believe you let Xavier have coffee, and now you’re going to leave them alone in the house.”

Xavier: “Scientists have proven that caffeine doesn’t make you hyper.”

Caolinn: “That is not true!”

Xavier: “This is why you’re not a scientist!”

17 thoughts on “Next Stop…Red Bull In Your Lunchbox, Kids!

  1. As I always say, “A day without coffee is a day with a body count…” I’m never hyper after my first cup… But I am easily riled if I haven’t had one and step into the world…

  2. Brian

    I’m a coffee guy myself, but I have to lay off it after 2 – 3pm or so. Doesn’t keep me awake, just keeps me from sleeping well.

    If you want to scare him off of Red Bull, share with him the urban legend that it contains bull semen. Not true, but he doesn’t need to know that.

  3. Doug in Oakland

    A long time ago I used to claim that I had never met a stimulant I didn’t like. Then I had a stroke. Now I sort of avoid them. My doctor asked me how I was doing in that regard, and I told him that my sole remaining vice was high fructose corn syrup. “Raw?” he asked. No, mostly in strawberry soda, I replied.

  4. Coffee? pffft – I’ve given my daughter a taste of a pot brownie when she was in high school.
    I didn’t leave her alone in the house though. I guess that makes me the better mother.

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