Ssssssssssssso Stupid


It seems my son has picked up my love of statistics.

Xavier: “Did you know that in 78% of rattlesnake bites, the victims are men?”

Me: “What does that tell you?”

Xavier: “That men are STUUUUUUUPID.”

Me: “Why do you say that?”

Xavier: “Because women don’t poke things with sticks.”

24 thoughts on “Ssssssssssssso Stupid

  1. Brian

    Ahhh – but men are 3x as likely to be in areas where rattlesnakes are. So when you look at “bite opportunities per 100 of each gender”, the percentages will even out.

    Except for that stat about the % of made up stats. Bet it went up again. WTF?

  2. mom

    Confession. I took them to the Public Health presentation on snake bites in AZ. The Doc giving the talk came over to me cause he was concerned they would be traumatized by the presentation, I assured them they would not…and so…

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