That’s Right, Kids…And Waterfalls Wash Away All Blood Evidence.


For those of you who are newer, I am the lucky recipient of the world’s most amazing student, D’Avonte, who is a 6′ 3″, self-identified drag-queen, who basically sasses me all day, but does it so charmingly, that I love her more for it.  That and she looks better than I do in short shorts, so I defer to her greatness. Additionally, I’ve taken on a new Sophomore, Ramon, who is this swaggering, sexist gangster, perpetually getting busted for drug offenses. Strangely, the two of them have become friends, which my teaching partner attributes to the fact that D’Avonte could kick Ramon’s ass, even in a wig and heels.

Anyhoooo…we were watching part of the Planet Earth series to supplement a lesson we were doing on the rainforest.

D’Avonte: “Oooooo, that’s pretty…look at all those flowers.”

Ramon: “You could get all lost up in there. That would be a GOOD place to bury a body.”

D’Avonte: (turning around) “The fuck is wrong with you!?”

41 thoughts on “That’s Right, Kids…And Waterfalls Wash Away All Blood Evidence.

      • I’m sure we’ve all wished for a location like the rainforest when we’re trying to hide that dead body. Wait, is that just me?
        Sounds like you’ve got some awesome and confident kids. 🙂 I love it when you find a person that is so fabulous that you MUST be near them, and just hope that their fabulousness sprinkles onto you.

  1. barbaramullenix

    I rue the day she graduates! Having them to draw material from should more than make up for the tremendous salary you earn as a teacher!

  2. You know, to be fair, I often watch a movie, or tv, and see a certain setting and think “hmmm, that would be a good place to hide a body, or a suitcase of I’ll gotten cash.” And I’m sound as a pound. Right? Eh? Uh? Can I get an Amen?

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