Werewolf? There wolf…


Caolinn: “The new season of Teen Wolf premieres in half an hour!”

Me: “Seriously…who are you?”

Caolinn: “Don’t make fun of Teen Wolf…I bet when you were my age, you were obsessed with Bay Watch.”

Me: (miming picking up the phone)  “Hi…Mom…can you please come pick up your granddaughter?  Why?  So I don’t go to jail.”

21 thoughts on “Werewolf? There wolf…

  1. elitosphere

    I’ve gotta agree with Caolinn on this one. Leave Teen Wolf aloooone! Though, in all honesty, I still wouldn’t have brought Bay Watch into it… that’s just cold.

    That meme though… I’m simultaneously aroused and repulsed. No easy feat, so bravo to you!

  2. elitosphere

    Awesome! Score another one for team Teen Wolf! Does it make me a bad person that I consider this my good deed of the week?

    • Nahhh…trust me…sometimes my good deed is that I kept my mouth shut when I wanted to open it. (note: 90% of the time this is at work when a Republican starts talking)

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