Someone Clearly Slipped My Twins Some Mescaline


(I can’t be the only person who sees this video and wonders how he isn’t one of mine.)

A random quote from each of my sons today…  This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what I get to listen to every day, while I’m driving…


Xavier: “Mom!  What do you mean I can’t have a hang glider!? What do they make them for then!?”


Liam: “Don’t you think it would be funny if they made a show about Darth Vader, and he wanted a girlfriend, and they called it Darth Dater?”

20 thoughts on “Someone Clearly Slipped My Twins Some Mescaline

  1. Awww, I see no video! (stupid custom-settings… ugh!) 1-They make them so moms can say things like RUFKM!? 2-That’s just awesome – “Darth Dater” (or maybe “Date-Her”?)! 😉

  2. Ok – had to post another comment bc for some reason the video thingie just reset. I did NOT know tots that young had hip-talent like that! Forget DNA-testing -this kid is definitely Latino! LOL 😀

  3. Let Xavier hang-glide, Mommy!

    For his 15th birthday, I bought one of my sons a hang-gliding lesson ending in his first free flight. He loved it, and did great. For his 16th, I bought him a Cessna lesson, and he handled the landing, side-slipping in a crosswind, without instructor assistance other than verbal–me in the back seat.

    I be so totally cool.

    (We won’t mention the permanent finger impressions left in that back seat.)

    • OMG…you are so much cooler than me, and my son is NEVER allowed to read this. Okay, so he’s not allowed to anyway, because of all the dick references.

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