36 thoughts on “This Is What I Live With Every Day.

  1. Linda

    I laughed right out loud! His response is hilarious but, if it means anything, I feel your pain. I raised three of those realists and I earned every grey I have because of them. 😉

      • Linda

        Most definitely. My oldest son is currently a PhD candidate; my second son is an ironworker; and, my youngest son is a mechanical engineer. The grey hairs are sooooo worth it but, man, there were times I thought I wasn’t going to survive their homework assignments.

  2. Struggle? Yeah… THAT struggle would be definitely real… Especially when it comes to everyone with their nose to their mobiles as they try to catch them all in Pokemon Go.

  3. Brian

    He has a point, but I’d like to think that these days we’d be successful at wiping them out. IT can’t really be like some cheap ass B-grade Japanese movie, right?

    Also? Birds are descended from dinosaurs, yes, but dinosaurs were not reptiles. Completely different hip and shoulder structures. Alligators & crocodiles are reptiles. Your friendly neighborhood T. Rex was not.

    And yes, I’m an engineer. Does it show?

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