CLOCK! I Said Clock, Dammit!


Whilst teaching Language Arts and doing a dictation exercise, where they have to write a series of sentences given to them orally.  (Reminder: My kids have learning disabilities and are below grade level in reading…)

Me: “Robert needed to have his deck scrubbed before the event.”

D’Avonte: (snort)

Me: “What is your problem?”

D’Avonte: (laughing)

Me: “His DECK…he needed his DECK scrubbed.”


30 thoughts on “CLOCK! I Said Clock, Dammit!

  1. Ivy Willow

    hahahahahaha!!!! I love your adventures with your class!! What beautiful (if not sometimes frustrating) people you have there ^.^

  2. LOL Ahhh…. D’Avonte!
    Our Nursing Director had a kid tell her that his mom took a picture of his rash & sexted it to his mom and she laughed so hard the other nurse had to walk out of the room. I love this job SO MUCH! 😀

  3. At Burning Man once, I was camped next to a group of Gay Mormons from Salt Lake City, which was interesting in itself. One of the guys told me going on Mission was a great way to meet men, but that isn’t the story. They had a “deck” washing tent out in front of the camp and were offering their services for free. And, no, I did not take advantage of the offer. –Curt

  4. Organism also gets them every time. Every. Single. Time.
    Although I’m teaching fifth graders this year…they’ll laugh equally at the answer being “69” as they will when their name appears in a word problem. It’s a weird age.

  5. Brian

    There was a thing going around the innerwebz a while back about an Australian guy and building decks. Thing is, with the Aussie accent, he pronounced “deck” exactly like “dick” and the way they put together the (I assumed parody) ad, it was hilarious. If I find any gumption, I might go look it up. Don’t hold your breath.

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