Madam, You Should Come With An Asshole Warning


(After a crazy person almost side swiped me, then cut me off, and when I honked…flipped me off.)

Me: “What the fuck!? That bitch!”

Tracy: “Be nice, she has a handicapped plate.”

Me: “I don’t care if she has a seeing eye dog driving the car, she’s a fucking bitch!”

Tracy: “Maybe she’s a bitch because she’s angry about being disabled.”

Me: “Maybe she’s disabled because she was a fucking bitch and someone pushed her down some stairs!”

Tracy: (pause) “Touche.”


**And before any of you angrily email me, I have dedicated my life to the Individuals With Disabilities Act, and I feel that just as everyone should equal access to services, that everyone has equal access to being an asshole…a privilege which this woman clearly took.**

37 thoughts on “Madam, You Should Come With An Asshole Warning

  1. Anyone that angrily emails you obviously doesn’t really read your blog enough to know that you are not only hilarious but also a really fucking kind person, which is why I love being here. Fuck ’em is what I say.

  2. Funny story that….
    I am like you. Just because you are disabled different abled does NOT GIVE YOU CART BLANCHE to be an asshole!
    I had a friend who is deaf once. We were just friends! I know sign language and we were talking after church one day. My husband (boyfriend at the time) came up and tried to participate in the conversation. He ALSO knows sign language, but this guy was rude and blew him off. So my hubby walked off. MAN! Did I let him have it! I jumped all over him because of his rude behavior. Idiot was talking about hubby assuming he couldn’t understand what he said. HA! I almost always talk out loud when I am signing because most deaf people can read lips also so people around us knew I was jumping on him. I wasn’t cussing (I was in church) or yelling at him, but my voice was raised. He apologized and we parted ways. Then one of the ladies who overheard (me) asked me what that was about. I told her… he was being a jerk and I didn’t appreciate it. She said. “But he is deaf, you can’t talk to him like that!” I laughed at her and said. “So you think it is ok for him to act that way?” She just kept saying, “But he is deaf!” SO WHAT! That is NEVER as excuse to be rude! EVER! I am amazed at the people who allow someone who is old, disabled etc to be an asshole just because of their circumstances!! NO! Just NO! :-/

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