I Know…I Shouldn’t Be Feeding This Behavior.



Whence your 16-year-old texts you from class…

Caolinn: Can I get my belly button pierced next winter?  Pleeeeeease?

Me: Shouldn’t you be in class?  WTH is going on at that school?

Caolinn: I’m in choir.  It’s a joke class.

Me: Well, I think we’ve established why you have a B.

Caolinn: She’s literally spelling out choir terms.  She just spelled singing.  Would you be mad if I jumped out a second story window to get out of this, because she just spelled ‘choir’?

Me: They’re your legs, but I’m not wiping your ass for you, so take that into consideration.

Caolinn: She just spelled ‘soprano’.  WTF!?

Me: Mark my words…’alto’ is next.  Wait for it.

Caolinn: Winner!

Me: I think we can agree that no one is winning in this scenario.

Caolinn: Truth.

8 thoughts on “I Know…I Shouldn’t Be Feeding This Behavior.

  1. Changeling

    My kid told me that she had been dared to use a “British” accent all day tomorrow. I just started laughing, and asked her if she had any classes with the kid she had convinced that she was from England. Last year she spoke with a fake accent in the one class she had with this kid. For the entire year!
    I told her to tell her teachers that her mom is sorry.

  2. Brian

    No belly button piercing till she’s at least old enough to legally drink ‘for medicinal purposes’ (coulda been last week for all I know)

    Maybe my school was weird, but when we were in choir we sang. A lot. The entire 52 minutes actually. That other stuff was left for music appreciation class which stopped in 8th grade, thank god!

  3. Doug in Oakland

    Being a nascent rock and roller, I didn’t take choir in high school, I took guitar. Looking back, that was sort of a mistake. EVERYONE plays guitar (I eventually got good, but not THAT good), but decent singers are always in short supply. Piercings have always sort of geeked me out a little. Maybe I’ve had a few too many puncture wounds to really appreciate them?

  4. It always amazes me there are teachers who treat their students like they are stupid. Even if said students “act stupid” we all know they aren’t. They are trying to figure out life and learn how to grow up. Treat them with dignity and as if they are really people. I didn’t say let them act like a fool and get away with it! But don’t condescend a teenager, you will live to regret it! :-/

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