Happy VD, Everyone!


Caolinn now has a boyfriend.  The parents wanted to meet me, and I, of course, have been wanting to meet him and them, so we were scheduled to go over there, this morning.  Truly, the kid couldn’t be a nicer kid, and his parents seem terribly sweet, so, we got lucky on this one.

Ryan: So, how did the whole meet and greet go?

Me: As we were driving over, I said, “Well….time to meet the in-laws.”

Ryan: Was she horrified?

Me: No, she smiled…so now, I’m horrified.

15 thoughts on “Happy VD, Everyone!

  1. Adventures in Kevin's World

    Just remember the first few teenage romances typically have a lifespan measured in weeks. So soon you can meet the next one!

  2. Doug in Oakland

    I find the “Ted Cruz” tag on a post about your daughter’s boyfriend more than a little horrifying, which is probably one more reason that it’s a good thing I never had kids.

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