Now Would Be A Good Time To Try Atkins.


Me: Is it just me, or is this the dirtiest bread name ever?
kneedforseedRyan: Hello, Marketing Department? I don’t think your product name means what you think it means.

Me: Spoiler: Someone in your department likes bread a little TOO much.

Ryan: The secret ingredient?  It ain’t love.  Have you checked the label?

Me: Uh oh…it says it “contains nuts”.

Ryan: That bakery doubles as a fertility clinic.

Me: Well, now we know what happens to the slow swimmers.

Ryan: Remember when carbs were the scariest thing?

20 thoughts on “Now Would Be A Good Time To Try Atkins.

  1. Oh holy hell… I love folks who think just like me. 😀
    Hubby and I have this game where we highlight any potential hilarious innuendo viewed on TV with an emphatic “Oh, MY!” a la George Takei.

  2. Doug in Oakland

    Briana bought some bread called “Sweet Baby Grains”, but I had my reading glasses on and it looked like “Brains” instead, and the ensuing conversation covered things like zombie veal, and brain seasonings. That bread claimed to have not only nuts, but seeds.

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