For This, I Got Stretchmarks.


(As we all sit in our underwear, watching Netflix.)

Xavier: “Mom, what’s the best kind of movie?”

Me: (sappy voice) “The kind I watch with youuuuuuuu.”

Xavier: “No. Comedies.”

Liam: “Way to miss the point, Xavier. Good luck dating.”

27 thoughts on “For This, I Got Stretchmarks.

  1. Doug in Oakland

    I have watched the BBC documentary on Richard Thompson “A Solitary Life” at least six times, maybe more… Am I weird?

      • Live by those words as you raise your boys… Unless you’re planning on one of them being gay — then you can teach them the fine arts of nuance and then teach them how to snap back with something witty… You know, like how you do it here πŸ˜€

      • Eh, what do we know nowadays? I watch Christ Thompson (supdaily06) and think he should come out of the closet — and yet he’s terminally heterosexual. In this day and age — we’re no longer defined by our nuances anymore.

      • Good lord… ME?! A Republican?!?! My Blue-Collar/Democratic family would have heart palpitations and the vapors if I even associated with the GOP.

        And him part of folk?! Nah, I wanna see Mike Huckabee’s fall from grace because he was hitting up a rent boy – George Michael Styleβ„’..

      • Huck is only a matter of time. What I’d really like is Marcus Bachmann found tied up in a brothel overseas, with a smile on his face, and a foreign object lodged somewhere. Too much?

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