Touche, Kid…Now Shut Up



For those of you who remember this post…my favorite student, D’Avonte, is a 6′ 3 self-identified drag queen, who comes to school in full regalia every day…and whose look is always on point.  ALWAYS.


Me: (To my assistant) “Seriously, who hasn’t been in this room this week?  I think everyone on campus has evaluated my teaching.”

D’Avonte: (murmuring) “Good thing they’re evaluating your teaching, and not your choice of fucking shoes.”

28 thoughts on “Touche, Kid…Now Shut Up

  1. Hehe my friends, Shane and Clive are drag queens. They had me accompany them to a posh gay club in Scottsdale. A man walked in the club in drag. He had not taken it seriously and it PISSED off my two friends. “Look at that off the rack mess! He didn’t even bother to shave his legs! Leg hair sticking out through his Kmart pantyhose!” I immediately started taking inventory of my outfit and worrying.

  2. Doug in Oakland

    I installed a range one evening in a house full of drag queens in San Francisco. They were trying so hard to be shocking in front of the two hapless straight boys (us) who had ventured into their lair. I was like “Ma’am, could you please move back a little; your evening gown is blocking the light on this gas fitting.” As we were leaving, my helper said that he hadn’t known that they made shoes like that in men’s size 12. I told him “Dude, this is the upper Haight; those shoes were tame. If you want to see some serious footwear, wait until we have some deliveries in the Castro, or maybe Folsom Street.” He was less than enthusiastic about it, and didn’t last much longer at that job.

  3. elitosphere

    God, the worst part of being an actual productive member of society is that I’m too busy to keep up with your blog. Isn’t there some way I can just stay at home and wait for your posts and still get paid?
    I promise I wouldn’t call your shoes fucking ugly… well, not to your face anyway. Cuz I’m a gentleman like that.

    • Betch, did you see how my state flipped and went all civil right-sy this week!? SO EXCITED! And seriously, my posts this week are so insanely short, you can probably catch up on your phone, in the duration of a single poo. Not that I want you reading my shit whilst you shit, but…hey…it’s an option. 🙂

      • elitosphere

        Oh hellz yeah! Another one for marriage equality! I’m totally convincing myself that this decision was entirely due to your recent posts on the stupidity of homophobia.

        See, you’re more influential than you think. Or I’m more moronic than I think. Or, you know… both…

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