Even Disney Invested In Rohypnol.

Any reason that doesn't include poisoning his breakfast is unacceptable.

Any reason that doesn’t include poisoning his breakfast is unacceptable.

(whispering during vintage Disney cartoon prior to Frozen)

Me: “Is it just me, or are old-timey cartoons sort of date-rapey?”

Casey: “Maybe he’s carrying her off to a Starbucks to ask about her hopes and dreams.”

Me: (incredulous look)

Casey: *sigh* “I tried.”

6 thoughts on “Even Disney Invested In Rohypnol.

  1. Old ads and cartoons were very strange indeed. And books too. People don’t really talk about the Oz books, wherein Dorothy is kind of a mean little bitch and says things like “You’re not very smart are you?” to peoples’ faces.

    • Seriously, they’re horrifying. All these women who want to return to the values of the 50s should be tied up and forced to look at all of them, so they can see what that REALLY means.

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