Shut Up…I Can Be Nice, Sometimes.


ecce-homo-dont-wantOkay, I think we can all agree that most of my stuff is either snarky or downright obscene, but this…neither of those things.

Student: “We all need to huggle.”

Me: “Huh?”

Student: “Like in football…when they all hug and make a plan.”

17 thoughts on “Shut Up…I Can Be Nice, Sometimes.

  1. Although true that I love coming here for the snarky and obscene, I could totally use a huggle right about now. And please don’t let go until everything is all better.

    • Sounds like someone needs a huggle infused with a cocktail and some dick jokes. 🙂 I’m mentally huggling you from the left coast. 🙂

      Happy side note, friend…my phone now has accepted huggle and actually auto corrected to it a second ago. Success!

      • Thanks for the mental huggle. I’ll await the cocktail and dick jokes in the mail – overnight of course.
        Your phone accepted huggle? What a pushover.

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