If You Get 100% On Your Mid-Term, I’ll Teach You How To Do A Smoky-Eye.



I promise that the following sentimental soap box will be followed by something ridiculous, because, frankly…that’s my style.

As some of you know, I am a teacher, specializing in students with emotional and behavioral concerns, and I truly believe my kids are the MOST incredible people.  One of my very favorites (and, yes, they’re all my favorites) is D’Avonte.  D’Avonte is just over 6’3″, and comes to school, every day, in full drag.  I love her.  At an age where most teenagers panic over a pimple, she has unabashedly accepted herself, in all of her transgender glory.  Her unapologetic self-acceptance is contagious, making others not only take her, as she is, but also hopefully teaching them to appreciate and embrace people, who differ from themselves.  I wish I had ten-percent of her self-esteem, and a hundred-percent of her ability to strut her ass down the hallways in heels like she’s heading for Milan.

The following conversation took place in my math class with one of her friends…and yes, they were both kidding, so don’t call the police.

Navaeh: “You better stop looking at me like that, or I’m gonna come over there with this pencil and shank your ass.”

D’Avonte: “You can try, but I’m gonna sllllllap you across your face and throw my wig at you.”


Seriously, how lucky am I to have these kids?  I am so damn grateful that of all the jobs in the world…this is mine.