Men…This Is Why You Think Twice Before Texting Strangers Your Penis.



Me: “You remember that engineer I went out with last week…the one who got ridiculously drunk?”

Maya: “The one you never called back?”

Me: “Yeah, so, a week of not responding to his texts and calls…I think he’s finally gotten the hint, and then last night, at 10pm, out of NOWHERE…he sends me a picture of his dick.”

Maya: “WHAT!?”

Me: “Seriously.”

Maya: “Just out of nowhere?  What would make him think that was okay?”

Me: “A bucketful of gin, if our first date is any indication.”

Maya: “Do you still have it?”

Me: “Yup.”

Maya: “You gonna forward it?”

Me: “Duh…that’s why I’m calling…to warn you, before I send you a picture of some rando’s dick.”

Maya: “Is it impressive.”

Me: “Not in the least…he should be ashamed.”

Maya: “Even better.”

Yes, It’s About Dicks Again… *sigh*



(A conversation with my best friend, following his foot surgery.)

Matt: “Doctor says that I’m doing great…minimal inflammation, and I’m walking fine.”

Me: “You were always the best at healing.”

Matt: “I’m like Wolverine, Bitch!”

Me: “I’ve gotta say, your foot is the last place I thought you’d get an implant.”

Matt: “Why?  Did you think I’d get something put in my ass?”

Me: “Are you seriously asking me that, because the question answers itself.”

Matt: “You should see the x-ray of this thing…it’s so cool, it looks like I have a bolt in my foot.”

Me: “You’re Frankenfoot.”

Matt: “If I had a penile implant, I’d be Frankenweinie.”

Me: “Ewwww.”

Matt: “How do penile implants work?  Do you pump the left ball to blow it up?  How does it to go back down?”

Me: “Maybe, instead of semen…you just get a big blast of air.”

Matt: “God, a blowjob would be like a glaucoma test.”

Me: “I’m telling mom you said that.”

Matt: “She’s a nurse…ask her where the air goes.”

Me: “If she knows the answer, I’m killing myself.”

A post without the word penis anywhere in it…oh wait…yeah…yeah, there it is.



Today, I am proud to be an American.  I am proud that a victory was won for liberty, equality, and all of the other values we hold dear.  Today, I am reminded of something that happened with my twins, when they were just eight years old, that gives me not only hope for this next generation, but also for my sons as men and husbands, because, I think they’ll be pretty kickass.

I was doing the daily run around town, picking everybody up, and my sons were in the backseat.  My best friend, Matt, called me, because he and his partner had been in an argument, and so my sons, as it turns out, were listening to my end of the conversation.

*hanging up*

Xavier: “Mom, why did Chris buy Uncle Matt flowers?  That’s so stupid.”

Me: (cautiously…not sure if it was because they’re men, and wanting to get clarification) “Why do you think that Chris buying Uncle Matt flowers is stupid?”

Xavier: “Because they’re fighting, and Uncle Matt is going to know that’s the only reason he’s buying them.  He’s just trying to change the subject, and it’s only going to make Uncle Matt madder.”

Me: (Dying of absolute pride.)

I’ll end this with someone who has found the absolute sweet spot between hilarity, genius, and meaning, Ash Beckham,

Dear Men of Online Dating…


Open Letter To Men of the Online Dating World,

Hi.  I know that we don’t know each other, and I think that, once you’ve read this, you’ll agree that this is probably for the best, but I feel compelled to help you out.  It’s about your pictures.  They’re awful…seriously, and we ladies are rolling our eyes at you, and as you know, it’s REALLY hard to go from eye rolling to coitus.  I’ve compiled a list of photo crimes that you may or may not have committed, and you can take my advice or leave it.  It’s up to you, but remember eye rolling rarely gets you a blowie.

1. Pictures of you with random hot waitresses or liquor-marketing girls.  This picture does not make us think that you’re so cool, that you commune with hot chicks.  It does make us realize that you have an equally loser friend with a camera phone, and that you have no trouble exploiting a girl making minimum.  Sadly, we also realize that this picture is probably in your personal spank bank.

2. Pictures with children that aren’t yours.  Yes, I know…ladies love a man who loves kids, however, multiple pictures of you playing with or holding someone else’s kids comes off just a weeeee bit creepy.  Yes, we realize they probably belong to your friends or siblings, but in the back of my mind, I wonder, does he love kids…or does he LOVE kids?

3. Men who wear t-shirts by any of the following makers are douchebags…no exceptions: Ed Hardy, Affliction, Tap Out, or anything at all that features angel’s wings.  I thought we all knew this, no?  Sir, you’ve missed a VERY important memo…no one likes them…just STOP.

4. Bronzing…enough said.

5. Bathroom mirror photos.  I feel as though this has been beaten to DEATH, and yet, 50% of you still feel compelled to post these.  At least half of them…shirtless.  Seriously…  Put.  The shirt.  Back.  On.  At this point, we will even accept a shirt from rule #3, if it means you stop doing this.

6. Pictures with your ex in which her face is blacked out, or you’ve just cropped her.  Worse…posting pictures that were blatantly taken at your own wedding.  Great you can commit…for a while.

7. Pictures of you with what you perceive as a nice car.  Sir, you have a small penis…and now we ALL know.  Thanks for the warning.

8. Pictures of your tats.  Awesome.  You are a hepatitis risk, bad with money, and you think that your awesome tribal tattoo sets you apart from the herd.  There’s a reason they’re called tribals…it’s because you belong to a douchebag tribe.

9.  If you have eight pictures, and in at least six of them, you’re holding a drink or are visibly drunk…we know you’re an alcoholic.  Double bonus if you claim to only be a casual drinker in your profile.  By casual, you clearly are referring to the fact that you get drunk while wearing man sandals (mandals!) and cargo shorts.

10.  A series of pictures in which you are never smiling.  Either you are a depressive bastard, or you have Steve Buscemi’s teeth (he wants them back, by the way).  Worse, if you talk about loving to laugh or being light-hearted in your profile, while we look at pictures that look like the ones CNN will show of you, after you’ve killed an elderly neighbor with a hammer.

11. Anything in which you are making a face, that could be used in a Zoolander sequel.  Derek could pull it off…you can’t.

12. Picking a user name that mentions any sexual act whatsoever.  Yeah, we get it…69…clever.

In summary, I know that women are doing equally stupid things in their pictures, so I apologize if this comes across as sexist.  However, I will leave that diatribe for someone holding a penis (okay, well, someone who HAS a penis…anyone can HOLD a penis).


Look into her eyes…she’s really wishing that she’d taken that extra computer class, right about now.