Yes, It’s About Dicks Again… *sigh*



(A conversation with my best friend, following his foot surgery.)

Matt: “Doctor says that I’m doing great…minimal inflammation, and I’m walking fine.”

Me: “You were always the best at healing.”

Matt: “I’m like Wolverine, Bitch!”

Me: “I’ve gotta say, your foot is the last place I thought you’d get an implant.”

Matt: “Why?  Did you think I’d get something put in my ass?”

Me: “Are you seriously asking me that, because the question answers itself.”

Matt: “You should see the x-ray of this thing…it’s so cool, it looks like I have a bolt in my foot.”

Me: “You’re Frankenfoot.”

Matt: “If I had a penile implant, I’d be Frankenweinie.”

Me: “Ewwww.”

Matt: “How do penile implants work?  Do you pump the left ball to blow it up?  How does it to go back down?”

Me: “Maybe, instead of semen…you just get a big blast of air.”

Matt: “God, a blowjob would be like a glaucoma test.”

Me: “I’m telling mom you said that.”

Matt: “She’s a nurse…ask her where the air goes.”

Me: “If she knows the answer, I’m killing myself.”