Yes…I named the cat, “McGonagall”. Sue me.


Me: I found McGonagall cuddling with the dog!

Ryan: Picture?

Me: She took off before I could get it.

Ryan: Of course she did.  If those got out her rep would be ruined.

Me: I’m going to get one eventually. I’m going to be more relentless than that paparazzi who got the pic of Bieber’s wiener.

Ryan: I just read that and accidentally said ‘Bieber’s wiener’ out loud.

Me: Uh-oh.

Ryan: I’m just going to go ahead and quit my job, now.


And then, today, I got the picture…  🙂

"This isn't what it looks like."

“This isn’t what it looks like.”

I Promise, Canada, If You Take Him Back…We’ll Take Rob Ford…He’s Totally One Of Us.



A conversation that I overheard between my three children…

Caolinn: “What is Liam talking about?”

Xavier: “Nothing, he just wanted to tell you that Justin Bieber was dating Selena Gomez, and I told him that everybody knows that.”

Caolinn: “Yeah, Liam, everybody knows that.”

Liam: “Nooooo!” (pause) “Not raccoooooons!”