The Craig’s List Hooker…Like Her Herpes…Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving…


In case you missed the previous posts (exhibit A, exhibit B), or you’ve just mentally blocked them (and I wouldn’t blame you…horrifying), my friend, Malka, keeps getting contacted by “Johns” looking to hire a hooker named Ciara.  I almost feel sorry for this last one.  Almost.  (Okay, I so totally don’t.)



**UPDATE**  He replied, y’all, he replied!


The Saga of the Craig’s List Hooker…Part 2


For those of you following Malka’s battle with online prostitution…my darling girl has taken a new tack. (background here)  Her new battle strategy involves a two-step approach…

Step One…scare the living crap out of them.



Worse than being threatened with a lifetime on the registered sex-offender’s list…that hair.  Sir, I’m pretty sure a haircut would solve your “gettin’-some” issues.


Step Two…and this is where it gets truly brilliant…




Yes…she is now using client #1’s picture…to seduce client #2…  and this is why I love her forever.