Pretty Sure This Will Wind Up Being A Story Told At The Inevitable Intervention



Maya: “Did you go out with Janie last night?”

Me: “Yeah, we wound up at Joyride with some pack of bankers and attorneys.”

Maya: “Good night?”

Me: “Well, if the mark of a good night is a grown woman climbing through her doggy door to get home…then it was a fucking great night.”

Maya: “Annnnd, this is why I don’t go out with you guys.”


(For the record…it wasn’t me, because there’s no way I’d fit through a dog door built for a Sheltie.)

Seriously…Children’s Publishing…you either need to hire me, or we need to go get a beer, because you’re just filthy enough to be fantastic company.


All of the following have been found in the last week, in the 2nd grade reading level area…

First we have the subtle…


Then, the not so subtle…

And, finally, we have the coup de grace…my personal favorite…


Nate the Great, indeed, and who DOESN’T love a happy ending?