Does A McMcerson Take A Shit In The Woods?


Xavier: “When can we go camping?”

Me: “Honey, mommy was raised by New Yorkers…even if we had a motor home, we’d need Bear Grylls to survive it.”

Xavier: “I know how to make a fire.”

Me: “I know how to make a reservation at a cabin in the woods.”

Xavier: “It’s not the same.”

Me: “Yes, but my way has a toilet.”


***Later that day, discussing this issue with my friend, John…


John: “Who in the hell is going to teach those boys to build a camp fire and kill small animals?”

Me: “Wow, you just described camping AND the warning signs of a future serial killer.”

John: “I’m not a serial killer. I think you have to kill more than five to be labeled a serial killer.”

Me: “Depends…were they all hookers or drifters?”

John: “I’ve already said too much.”