Well…I’ve Decided Which Kid To Burden In My Old Age


(The best part about this conversation is that he wasn’t kidding AT ALL…)

Liam: “I don’t understand why they’re always talking about people’s dream homes.  Dream homes are impossible.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Liam: “When you dream about a home, it always has dragons in it, or you have your own Bat Cave.  You can’t just make that happen.”

Me: “Not everyone dreams about having a Bat Cave.”

Liam: “Pfffffffft…what’s the point then.”

And the Award For Best Catch Phrase While Blowing Up a Building Goes To…


Yes, nerds, I’m slapping a DC Comics meme on a Marvel Comics post. This is my dork way of being a rebellious badass.

(While watching The Avengers)

Liam: “I don’t know how Life of Pi won the Oscar for animation.  They didn’t have to make a city…or lasers…or an army…or a super suit…or new kinds of planes…or explosions.  It’s completely ridiculous.”

Xavier: “Mom, is that an F-22 Raptor?”

Me: *blank stare*

Liam: “Yeah, like she’s gonna know that.”