Stockholm Syndrome…Now in Technicolor!


Xavier: “I don’t remember this movie being so rapey.”

Liam: “Um, yeah…there are consent issues all over this thing.”

Xavier: “It’s like they think setting sexual assault to song makes it allowable.”

Liam: “Seriously, this is just a bunch of hillbillies kidnapping women they can’t have, only instead of a cargo van, they have a horses and a wagon.”

Me: “Well…so much for family movie night.”

***Seriously though…glad the consent conversations seem to be paying off.***

23 thoughts on “Stockholm Syndrome…Now in Technicolor!

  1. Doug in Oakland

    OK, so I’d never even heard of this movie, so I just watched some of it, and…
    It did have some quasi-disturbing women-as-possessions overtones (in the video of one scene I watched) but the dancing is very nice.

  2. Adventures in Kevin's World

    If you ever wonder if or how much our cultural values have progressed, just watch a movie from the 50’s to 70’s!!! Even watching movies from the 80’s can be a shock sometimes.

  3. Precisely what I think of the holiday favorite, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” I want someone to record the song with the gender roles switched. Let an assertive singer like Mavis Staples hound some dulcet Rod Stewart crooner to “listen to the fireplace roar.”

  4. Somehow, I am reminded of the Rape of the Sabine Women in early Roman history. The original title for the movie, BTW was something like ‘the sobbing women.’ Don’t think that would have made it big in the theater. –Curt

  5. Mom

    Loved the music and dancing in the day and had a crush on Howard Kiel, saw him later on in local theatre, great voice and hair . The 50’s now wonder I MARCHED,,

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