I Wish Falcon Crest Was Still A Thing


My sons’ Spanish teacher has apparently given up, and the curriculum now solely consists of them watching Spanish soap operas.

Xavier: “None of us understand enough Spanish, so it’s just a bunch of gibberish, and then a dog runs away, and someone has an affair.”

Liam: “Don’t forget about the ghosts.”

Xavier: “Oh, yeah…and there are ghosts.”

8 thoughts on “I Wish Falcon Crest Was Still A Thing

  1. Burn out at the end of the school year… I so that! I’m there. Not making A’s on my last test or discussion questions this week but I have an A in the class so I’m not REAL worried but I am just D O N E! :-/

  2. Doug in Oakland

    That may be a harder assignment than it seems. I’ve lived around a lot of Spanish speakers for a long time, so I can sort of understand what’s being said (usually), but one of my favorite burrito places on MacArthur Boulevard used to have those soaps on a TV above the tables, and I never understood a single thing anyone said on that TV…

    • My kids have zero idea. I talked to a few friends who have kids there, and they’re reporting the same thing. I can’t imagine just watching Novelas all day, every day. Ugh.

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