How I Ruin Erections


(Whilst watching a cable news channel…)

Me: “Jesus, every other ad is for erection drugs.”

Xavier: “Let’s please not.”

Me: “I’m going to start calling this ‘the boner channel’.”

Xavier: “Please don’t do that either.

Me: “Boner.”

Xavier: “You’re the worst.”

10 thoughts on “How I Ruin Erections

  1. Doug in Oakland

    I have a friend with pulmonary hypertension, and the main medicine he takes is basically Viagra. First he had a hard time getting MediCal to cover it, and second every woman he knows was all like “Coals to Newcastle, dude…”
    It really does seem like there must be a huge market for boner pills and reverse mortgages somewhere out there, though.

  2. Brian

    They keep alternating erection drug commercials with tampon commercials. Nothing kills an erection faster than a tampon, hence the need for Daddy’s little helper . . .

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