Some Parents Don’t Deserve Their Kids


As some of you know, in all my infinite spare time, I do some volunteer work for LGBT youth.  I hadn’t been able to see this one kid in awhile, who was really struggling, because his parents are traditional, old-school Mormons, and he was deeply closeted, and he wasn’t sure they wouldn’t hurt him or throw him out.

Me: “Heyyyyy!!! I haven’t seen you in ages! How are you!?”

Brayden: (cringing) “Good and bad…I came out to my mom.”

Me: “WHAT!? Oh, wow, are you okay?”

Brayden: “Well, I’m apparently a ‘disappointment’ and a ‘failure’.”

Me: “Arrrrrrrgh, I’m so sorry. But no violence, right? And you’re still living at home?”

Brayden: “Yeah, but I’m grounded.”

Me: “You’re grounded…for being gay.”

Brayden: “Pretty much.”

Me: “What are you grounded from?”

Brayden: “Dick? I’m pretty sure, I’m grounded from dick.”

10 thoughts on “Some Parents Don’t Deserve Their Kids

  1. Doug in Oakland

    I had a few go-arounds with the Mormons I grew up around, and mostly they were very good to me, except for the time when we had a Mormon kid playing bass in our band. He was really good, and we really liked him, but years later I found out that the entire congregation of the Mormon church in Eureka had been praying for our band’s demise because they thought we were a bad influence…
    Most of the Mormon parents I knew kept their distance from their kids’ sex lives, which (there’s no polite way to say this) was a good thing.
    And you’re so right. Some parents don’t deserve their kids.

  2. God.. I mean really… God loves that sweet child. Parents and people have no right to judge. But I guess some still live in glass houses *groan* I’m glad he has a place to go where he is accepted but seriously?? GROUNDED?? 😒smh

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