Apparently Haberdashery Class Was All Full

Xavier: “Does the high school we’re going to next year have a metal working class for farriers?”
Me: (under my breath) “What the actual fuck?”
Caolinn: (whispering) “I heard that.  And, seriously, yeah…what the fuck?”

20 thoughts on “Apparently Haberdashery Class Was All Full

  1. Doug in Oakland

    OK, at first I thought of some weird cross between ferrets and terriers, then I supplicated to the Google and came up with… horse feet? Briana is the resident expert on horse feet, and she’s not home right now, so let me take a stab at it:
    It depends on your high school. The one I attended, Eureka High, actually did. I learned machining and welding and metal fabrication there, and the welding shop was right next to the “Ag Building” where the horse foot instruction went down. I know this because for one week out of the year, the ag students would come next door to our welding shop and borrow our big anvil and torches to work the shoes on. So to get the horse foot training, you’d have to put up with the rest of the ag program, and it only lasted one week. Caveat: things may have changed since the seventies…

      • Doug in Oakland

        I get it. And since I did grind the end off of the index finger on my left hand in that class during a welding final, they may have somewhat of a point. Still very thankful for the skills I learned there.

      • IT WAS WHAT!? Literally the first time I’ve heard of this, and now it’s already October 6th, which is probably World Iguana Day, or something equally unapplicable to me.

        But, seriously, thank you…I had no idea. 🙂

  2. So I guess fuck the real stuff I have to do like pay my bill before they turn my energy off or refill my thyroid medication so I don’t die – I’ll sit here and look up what a farriar is and while I’m at it, haberdashery because how can I possibly go on with my day without knowing these things?

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