Your Body And You…A Tale Of Treachery.


(If you haven’t watched Romancing the Stone, this entire conversation will make no sense, and I demand you rent it immediately.  Whoever gets the royalties for that…I don’t expect payment, but a high-five would be nice.)

Ryan: You’re coming over tomorrow night?

Me: As long as you understand that I MIGHT be a germ risk, and that I sound like Kathleen Turner right now.

Ryan: Joan Wilder!  THE Joan Wilder!  I read all your books!

Me: This is going to be a thing, isn’t it?

Ryan: Yes, yes, it is.

16 thoughts on “Your Body And You…A Tale Of Treachery.

  1. Adventures in Kevin's World

    Being sick is never good. But for a guy, a woman sounding like Kathleen Turner is definitely a good thing…

  2. LOVE that movie! And yes… men, for some unknown reason love the low sound of a woman’s voice. I think it has something to do with a primitive thing, masculine voice = mating call! LMAO!

  3. Doug in Oakland

    Never saw the movie, but Kathleen Turner played Molly Ivins in “Red Hot Patriot” so I at least likr her for that…

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