This All Started Over A Fight Over Who Got To Sit Shotgun…


Liam: “That’s NOT fair!  I’ve only JUST gotten big enough to sit up front, and you can’t take it every time!  We should take turns!”

Caolinn: “I’m leaving home in two years, and then you can sit up here whenever you want!”

Liam: “I’m not waiting TWO YEARS!  It’s not fair!”

Caolinn: “You know what isn’t fair?  That I have to have a period every month, and someday, I’m going to have to push a baby out of my vagina…that’s what’s NOT fair!”

Liam: “Mom, she’s pulling the uterus card again!”

8 thoughts on “This All Started Over A Fight Over Who Got To Sit Shotgun…

  1. Brian

    Except for the pushing out a baby part, I say Caolinns’ argument is pretty weak. Someday, she’ll have a husband to torture, no I mean share – all that with and Liam will also be getting the same from his own wife. Sure seems that no woman suffers her period entirely alone.

    All I can add is Thank God!! menopause is over in my house!

    • Trust me…this fight was far longer than I’m letting on, and Liam and Xavier won. 🙂 I guess the win on this is that both boys aren’t phased by periods in the least. A win for feminism! lol

    • I’d argue that it usually wins, but, just as in Poker, it depends on the game you’re playing. In a great many games, you could argue it’s a Wild Card, and thus beats everything. 🙂

    • Woman, you have NO idea. Mary will have the upper hand for quite a while, but once they get mouthy (learned at her hand…irony) and realize they can tag-team her…she’s in for it. lol

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