Terrible Person: Party of One.


My former father-in-law’s wife truly means well, but recently emailed both Caolinn and I this long account of how they ran into a fawn, tried to get it help, and then it died anyway.  Merry fucking Christmas.  Anyway…Caolinn wasn’t impressed.

Caolinn: “Why would she email me, a vegetarian animal lover, a story about how they murdered a baby deer with a Toyota!?”

Me: “Sweetie, I don’t think she meant any harm, but I acknowledge it’s weird.”

Caolinn: “Well, guess who’s not getting a Christmas present from me this year!?”

Me: “Well, the deer, obviously.”

Caolinn: “MOTHER!!!”

24 thoughts on “Terrible Person: Party of One.

  1. Ouch. In more ways than one.

    Maybe they need to move those deer crossing signs where your ex father in law’s wife lives. (Have you seen that story? If not, you should go look up that ridiculousness) It’s obviously a dangerous deer crossing area. Those deer need to start paying attention and looking both ways, whether or not they have a crosswalk 🙂

  2. Bad, bad mom… bad! 😛
    It seems pretty obvious to me!! LOL!
    We live in a subdivision where deer roam freely! There are about 60 head out here wondering about. They are beautiful and the babies are adorable, but they are truly a nuisance and destructive. They ate ALL of my flowers in my front yard one year AND I have hit not one, but two. And one was Bambi! :,(
    Even though she meant well, it was kind of thoughtless to send such a letter. That kind of shit gives me bad dreams! 😦

  3. Hyperion

    Sadly, there are a lot of young depressed deer out there and suicide by auto seems reasonable to them in their depressed state. It’s the fall rut. Many of the young ones don’t connect and they just lose hope. Some even harm themselves with those sharp hooves trying in vain to make friends with themselves. The government should do something.

  4. Here in the west end of Puerto Rico the road from our house to the highway had bueys (old style cows) wandering about. I was coming home late on evening and found a bunch of men chopping something up in the road – and it was what you think!

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