And For My Next Trick, I’ll Need A Blow Torch And A Banana Peel!


If  you’re not already following Jenny Lawson’s (TheBloggess) Twitter feed of people’s awkward confessions, you’re severely missing out.  I think I’ve done every single thing people have written about, at some point.  I’m THAT awkward.  Case in point…

A text conversation…

Me: Soooooo, I saw a kid walking in my building wearing a nice dress shirt and a tie, so I said, ‘Well, don’t you look handsome today!’.

Tracy: And?

Me: Turns out it’s not a kid…it’s a new 23yo substitute.

Tracy: Oh no…

Me: The look on his face…  I went from friendly mom-figure to cougar in about 2 seconds flat.

Tracy: Awesome. Enjoy sexual harassment class.  Again.

18 thoughts on “And For My Next Trick, I’ll Need A Blow Torch And A Banana Peel!

  1. Doug in Oakland

    SEE? Slip knots around your neck are nothing but trouble…
    Also, there’s a kind of cumulative effect to those tweets: I read a few of them to my friend Briana, and while she liked the first three or four, after about ten of them we were both giggling uncontrollably and she had to come read them herself as I could no longer read them aloud.

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