I’d Like To Bet Five Dollars On ‘Carbon Emissions’ In The Third.



As we were walking up to Turf Paradise, the local horse racing track…

Liam: “Every time we come here, there’s a plastic bag flying around the parking lot.”

My mother: “Maybe that’s a sign we should bet on a horse with ‘plastic’ or ‘bag’ in its name.”

Liam: “Or maybe it’s just a sign that people should start recycling, but okay.”

24 thoughts on “I’d Like To Bet Five Dollars On ‘Carbon Emissions’ In The Third.

  1. Doug in Oakland

    I’ve always liked horse races, having grown up with horses and the annual trip to the Humboldt County Fair where my mom would bet on them. But for entertainment value I used to like the barrel races at the rodeo better, because of the cute cowgirls who rode those horses. Also, after they dry out a little, horse-turds are perfect for beaning your sibling upside the head with…

  2. Your son would be complaining up a storm about the apartment house I lived at in the Valley (Providence). If there was any trash left on the road within 6 blocks of the place, the wind would guarantee it ending up in that yard within the day.

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