20 thoughts on “Jogging…It’s Good For Everyone

  1. As a man that has survived *THAT* horror, I can tell you, it’s not from the interest in the shirtless man that’s the problem… It’s the thought that mom has sexual desires.

    At 30 for example… My mother came to visit me in Atlanta when I was living there. She had this wonderful and innovative thought of, “my son’s all grown up, let’s go to This, That and the Other together… Lovely adult novelty store down the street from my house.

    My mother asked for me to go with her.

    I said, “there’s no amount of money in the world for THAT therapy.”

    She said, “your loss” and went with my friend and former college roommate.

    An hour later she came flouncing into the house, bags in hand and then proceeded to show me her purchases.

    Three days later when the hysterical blindness wore off, I said, “look. You be you while I try to maintain the illusion that the only time you ever had sex was for the conception of your three kids. Sex for recreation and mother does not equal anything my conscious mind can handle.”

    She laughed, rolled her eyes and the downhill slalom only got worse.

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