Never Have Balls Been So Disappointing


Me: I’m at the Diamondbacks game. It’s only 10 minutes in, and they’re down by 3 runs. This isn’t going to be pretty.

Ryan: The season’s almost over. They’re looking forward to playing golf.

Me: Judging from the way they’re swinging, they think they already are.

(fifteen minutes later)

Me: Dear Lord, we’re 0-5 at the top of the 2nd. Is there a mercy rule in MLB?

Ryan: No. There should be a mercy rule that if your team sucks that badly, that you get free food and beer.

Me: This season would have been a Public Health Emergency.

Ryan: Baseball Diiiiibeetus.

6 thoughts on “Never Have Balls Been So Disappointing

  1. andshelaughs

    Love it! We’re in Toronto, and FINALLY our team has made it to the post season…wishing your team the best of luck!

    • Congrats! I’m almost positive we’re already out of post season. I actually don’t really follow the team, but I like going to games when I can. We’re lucky enough to get Spring Training here, so it’s always fun to hit those games, too. 🙂

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