Cats And Dogs…Living Together…MASS HYSTERIA!!!


As you may know, we’ve unexpectedly become cat owners, which has been pretty fine for us, but integrating Sully, the dog, has been a little more harrowing, and I’ve been getting a lot of advice on the matter from friends, who are probably REALLY tired of dealing with my stupidity on the subject.


Me: Best day ever!

Tracy: Why?

Me: He licked the kitty!!! Β HE LICKED THE KITTY!!!

Tracy: Before I respond, can we clarify something. Are you talking about your animals…or is this about you and Ryan?

Me: The animals.

Tracy: Sigh. This conversation just got 100% more boring.

28 thoughts on “Cats And Dogs…Living Together…MASS HYSTERIA!!!

  1. barbaramullenix

    While certainly not as exciting, there is nothing boring about pet interactions! (See YouTube if you have nothing else to do for the next 40 years)

      • barbaramullenix

        My older male is 15 and the younger female is 8, and after 8 years of living indoors together, they hate each other as much as on day 1. I have caught them “playing” (I hope) together, but it usually winds up with a chase & one of them hiding. I have found them searching for each other, but again, it usually ends up with them fighting like, well, cats.

      • Give it time. They’ll become best friends too. Take my living in Atlanta as an example. Used to live in a house with a gay couple that ran a menagerie. I used to watch an English Tabby being chased by the Doberman and two Shih Tzus up the shotgun hallway… Wait 3 minutes and then the cat will be chasing the Doberman and two Shih Tzus down the same hallway. They didn’t grow up together, but they acted as though they did.

  2. stormydreams

    Glad it is going well. I had an elderly dog, and we got a younger cat (about six months or so). They started out barely tolerating each other, but by the time the dog crossed the Rainbow Bridge, the cat pinned to the point he wouldn’t eat for days. I had to take him to the vet. They will bond, in their own way and time.

  3. Doug in Oakland

    We were worried about that also when we got our cat all those years ago, as we had a German Short Haired Pointer who was a member of the family in good standing.
    Our fears all went away the time when we found the dog napping on the hearth (like always) with a tiny, black, cat-tail sticking out from underneath her ear…

  4. Changeling

    My dogs have kennels to sleep in, and one day they were being rambunctious and were sent to bed. I passed the kennel a bit later and the lab was pressed so hard against the door that it bowed out. Time out was up, so I let her out and she scrambles from the room. And then out strolls our new little kitten. She had decided the doggy bed was a good place to nap and didn’t want to share with the doggy

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