At Least Middle Schoolers Are Bullying Using Current Events


Xavier: “Mommmmm!”

Me: “What?”

Xavier: “I need a haircut.”

Me: “You just got your hair cut a few weeks ago.”

Xavier: “Mom!  People kept coming up to me all day, saying, ‘Trump 2016’!”

Okay...he has a point.

Okay…he has a point.

32 thoughts on “At Least Middle Schoolers Are Bullying Using Current Events

  1. stormydreams

    Well uhh…yeah, at least they are paying attention to current events, but you might want to get the kid a haircut anyway? Possibly. Being called Trump must have been traumatic.

  2. barbaramullenix

    What did it look like when he got the original haircut a few weeks ago? Or did he run out of gel? How could it go so wrong in such a short period of time!?!?!?!

  3. Brian

    Just hand him a set of clippers with a #2 attachment. He can buzz it off himself.

    But really, he’s got about a foot and a half to go before he can do the Trump comb-over. And he needs to bleach the bejeebers out of it.

  4. Little Monster Girl

    He shouldn’t change his look just because a few kids made fun of him. then they will know they had an effect on him. I think he should bleach it to look MORE like trump, and shout Trump 2016! in the faces of the kids who picked on him! XD

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