You Don’t Even Want To Know How The Parrot’s Involved.


Me: My mother is watching some BBC period drama on Netflix. The giggling and whining about dowries is killllling me.

Ryan: Have you even seen The Quiet Man?  That’s my kind of take on dowries. Beer and fighting, just like God and the Irish intended.

Me: Well, I come with my own Waterford and a paid-off college education, if that does it for you.

Ryan: I have a box of my grandmother’s china and a baseball signed by the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates.

Me: I can’t resist a good baseball, especially when it’s been handled by pirates.

Ryan: Generally, I’m against letting pirates touch my balls.

Me: It’s the hook-hand, isn’t it?

Ryan: It is now.

20 thoughts on “You Don’t Even Want To Know How The Parrot’s Involved.

  1. I tried watching that BBC show…what is it? Dowton Abby or something? Anyways, Julie banned me from the tv when it’s on because every time Maggie Smith would walk into the room I’d yell, “TWO POINTS TO GRYFINDOR!” She didn’t find it amusing.

      • Pfft… Parrots on shoulders are nothing. Look at what I had to survive; a male stripper with a gaggle of sycophants all trying to vie for the strippers’s attention. Where those mouths have been… And being so far up the stripper’s ass they could no longer smell the shit… Oooh, did I share too much? 😀

      • There’s a way to fix that setting (for how the spam filter works). I forgot how, but it’s out there.

        Oh and sharing? Yeah, tell that to the people I work with. They have limits I tend to use as guidelines. 😀

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