Aliens Aren’t The Only Ones You Need To Fear


(Texting from an inservice training for the upcoming school year.)

Me: I’d like a medal for NOT breaking out laughing either time the trainer said, “This is what you do when you have a big unit.”

Ryan: Gold star!

Me: I did not, however, manage to maintain myself any of the times that they said we needed to “continuously probe our students.”

Ryan: Please, please don’t probe students. It is a sure way to get your picture in the paper. Your picture would even be in my paper.  I might even have to give them one off my phone.

Me: Just make sure to use a filter and that I’m smiling.

Ryan: Least I could do.

18 thoughts on “Aliens Aren’t The Only Ones You Need To Fear

  1. Doug in Oakland

    I’ve always looked at “abducted and probed by aliens” as pretty much the ultimate in arrogance: Something crossed interstellar space for the purpose of examining your butthole? Really?

  2. Do they not have someone to look over the material and say to the creators: “Okay guys, these sentences are easily interpteted as having to do with large penises and anal sex. We need to change the wording. And just clarify, none of picked up on this? You really thought this wording was okay? Jesus.” And the person giving the seminar said these words with sincerity?

    • Complete sincerity. Most innocent minds ever, really. See, I thought I was just a pervert, but now, I’m starting to think this wasn’t my error. lol THANK YOU!

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