The Danger Zone Indeed.


(It would take entirely too long to explain how this conversation got started.)

Ryan: Rambo III was the only movie I’ve ever seen, where I wanted my money back.

Me: For me that was Eyes Wide Shut. Never has a movie with so much sex, been so sexless.

Ryan: That’s because the only believable sexual tension that Tom Cruise has ever had, onscreen, was with Val Kilmer.


**And if you don’t think Top Gun was softcore gay porn, I’m begging you to rewatch the shower scenes. Β All of them.


45 thoughts on “The Danger Zone Indeed.

  1. Eyes Wide Shut…I inexplicably stare at the screen when it comes on. I CAN NOT look away. I couldn’t even tell you what it is about…I couldn’t even write a 500 word essay on it but I do know there are some naked people.

  2. Doug in Oakland

    The only Tom Cruise movie I have ever seen is Magnolia, which was a brilliant piece of casting to put him in it. I can’t even look at him without hearing him say “Respect the cock!”

    • I missed that one, and if ever there was someone who secretly respected the cock…it was Tomcat. Sigh, Scientology…just let the man out of all his closets.

  3. Doug in Oakland

    He played a character based on Ross Jeffries, the “How to Pick Up Women” guy. The part was written specifically for him, and he played it perfectly.

  4. You know, now that you mention it… Yeah.. Between Kilmer and Pitt (Interview with a Vampire), it seems that no matter what Cruise does to shake the homosexual leanings they they are like a fog horn on the 18-wheeler behind you on the highway..

      • Randstein

        Bwaaa haaaa haaaa! It truly worries me that a book so poorly written about a relationship based on abuse is the new standard for literature, movies, and life. And after such wonderful and desirable fantasy is realized, we have a media extravaganza where Nancy Grace on CNN convicts the abusive bastard before the jury can say, Geez, my lover never did that to me. I must be doing it wrong. Now, I am very careful about my appreciation of the color gray. It could reflect poorly on my dear wife’s taste in men.

      • So, for a moment, let us imagine the SAME story…but instead of a handsome billionaire, he’s a bucktoothed clerk at Kinko’s, making minimum. The exact same movie just went from mainstream softcore, to Lifetime Network cautionary tale movie. lol

      • Randstein

        Bingo! Every woman I ask about the attraction to this story goes straight past the sex to the money that flutters around the room every time the male character farts. My male friends always ask me what the hell 50 Shades of Gray is and I tell them it’s the book series their wife or girlfriend has hidden under the bed. Of course, if you reversed the roles, how many men would fantasize about getting a good spanking from a rich girl? You know that’s coming next, don’t you? I’m going to hate hearing about record sales when that comes out.

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