That’s One Way To Keep A Girl Up All Night


Me: What about Stephen King?

Ryan: I haven’t read much from him since It.  I was like, that’s it.  That’s as good as it’s ever going to get.

Me: I didn’t read that one.

Ryan: A clown. That’s all I’m saying. Makes Poltergeist look like a kid’s movie.

Me: No…no…definitely not.  I was scared of them before, so that would NOT help.

Ryan: No. Definitely not. Clown-centered. Evil clown. Very bad clown.

Me: I’m pretty sure that ^^^ was the movie’s tagline.

Ryan:  And the movie…imagine Tim Curry in clown makeup, chasing kids.

Me: I’m not going to sleep tonight, and I blame you.

Ryan: You? I’m already double-checking my closets. At least you have Sully who will bark at the clown.  What do I have?  Cats. Cats are useless. The only thing they’re good for is eating my corpse after the clown gets me.

Me: Great. Now, I’m scared of cats.

35 thoughts on “That’s One Way To Keep A Girl Up All Night

  1. Doug in Oakland

    I like Stephen King, but I haven’t read anything of his in a while. I really liked the Gunslinger books. I also liked him more after I read the Barbara Kingsolver story about the rock band they played in together.
    I read that the clown lobby is secretly funded by the American Psychiatric Association…

  2. tsk… My cat’s a great alarm for potential intruders. If someone comes in, he’ll be gone.

    As it was once said in a radio play: You go to pieces so fast, people get hit by the shrapnel.

    That’s my cat.

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