Well…I’ve Decided Which Kid To Burden In My Old Age


(The best part about this conversation is that he wasn’t kidding AT ALL…)

Liam: “I don’t understand why they’re always talking about people’s dream homes.  Dream homes are impossible.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Liam: “When you dream about a home, it always has dragons in it, or you have your own Bat Cave.  You can’t just make that happen.”

Me: “Not everyone dreams about having a Bat Cave.”

Liam: “Pfffffffft…what’s the point then.”

34 thoughts on “Well…I’ve Decided Which Kid To Burden In My Old Age

  1. MY dream-home would be one of those super eco-friendly, tripped-out tiny houses on a small plot of land so I can garden and finally (QUIT! …or,) part-time it at work! Alas, I’d have to not only sell all MY stuff but put my husband & HIS comic & “action figure” collection out on the table or we’d never be able to do it! 😉

  2. That kid is awesome. One dream home I loved was from the show Vegas where the guy had his awesome sports car parked right inside his house. INSIDE HIS HOUSE! How cool is that? Answer: Wicked cool.

  3. Doug in Oakland

    The property I grew up on had a bat cave. You couldn’t go in it or anything, it was just a hole in the ground out of which a bunch of bats flew when it got dark. I still remember them flying in circles over the pond, hunting for bugs…

  4. I am with Liam. All of the homes that show up in my dreams are a bit on the edgy side. Most of them I wouldn’t want to live in, however. A bat cave would involve bats, huge blood-sucking bats. 🙂 –Curt

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