33 thoughts on “And You Thought They Taught 6th-Graders Nothing…

  1. They also taught not to have sex out of wedlock in an abandoned park as well, and look how well kids listen to that message… Oh yes, the word is LINOLEUM. 😀

  2. …but, then you don’t have gems like “Come into the light…! There’s peace and tranquility in the LIIIIGHHHT…!” Wait, that might not be from there… My husband says that shit every time Poltergeist is on, tho. 😉

  3. Brian

    6th grade? Woodstock hadn’t even happened yet. Nixon wasn’t a crook yet. What the hell was there to learn back then? Oh – Get out of Nam. Now. Viet Nam apparently had poltergeists and we didn’t take Xavier’s advice. Bad move.

  4. Randstein

    Xavier is showing signs of critical thinking skills. Sadly, he might be an intellectual. He’s going to be lonely during most of his teens. Get him a really good smart phone and he’ll not suffer much. 🙂

  5. Doug in Oakland

    I though I had a poltergeist once. It turned out to be some scary-large raccoons living under the building…

  6. I with Xavier. One ghostly apparition and I am out of there. Just like I was when my dad passed away and the faucets and lights in his apartment started turning on by themselves.

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