My Boyfriend Is Sexually Attracted To Cinnabon Hair


This all started because I texted this picture to Ryan, this morning.

Ryan: Ouch, she’s perfectly thin, but if he really wants to complain, she’s actually kind of old to be a Disney princess.

Me: Seriously.  What was she?  23?  Go retire, already, grandma.

Ryan: She was actually 19 when that scene was filmed.  Star Wars nerd, here.

Me: I feel like I should be giving you a wedgie, for knowing that.

Ryan: I once got into a fight with someone over who knew more Star Wars trivia.  We had a contest.

Me: Annnnnd?

Ryan: You have to ask?  Do I look like some scruffy nerf herder?

Me: Ummm…that answer really just leads to bigger questions.

31 thoughts on “My Boyfriend Is Sexually Attracted To Cinnabon Hair

  1. Anxious Mom

    Ha! That’s funny. I actually had a falling out with someone once over The Lord of the Rings. So sad.

  2. Doug in Oakland

    Yeah, what’s up with that hair, anyway? Did someone get paid actual green money to do that to her? And what are Sonora Style hotdogs? And why are there giant, red, wiener men outside of the places that sell them?

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