28 thoughts on “When Oral Reports Take A Dark Psychological Turn…

  1. Randstein

    Hmmmmm. That’s what happens when humans act irresponsible in front of animals. They see what we do and mimic us. Lord help us if they start sexting on stolen smart phones. How do you explain THAT to the Grand Jury.

  2. Perhaps what the student was referring to was not destruction by neck-rotizing smashy-itis, but the fact that, prior to getting it on, boy giraffes are expected to go down on girl giraffes. While thirsty.

    I can understand that to the student, quaffing the p#ss of your beloved as a prelude to lovemaking might seem like step on the Road to Peedition.

    • I’m not sure whether I’m alarmed about all the golden showering going on in giraffe-land, or just ridiculously impressed that you know their mating habits. I’m going to go with both on this one. lol And suddenly I’m more content with the human ritual, of the human male first buying you dinner. 🙂

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