33 thoughts on “New Uniform Requirement? A Male Chastity Belt.

  1. Doug in Oakland

    Kind of a dilemma, really. I mean you don’t really want your daughter to NOT be hot, do you?
    At least the kid decided to straighten up and fly right with a quickness, though.

  2. yeah, i’ve got a hot daughter too. sometimes it sucks but mostly it’s great because if they fail at anything worthwhile, they can always be fashion models, prostitutes or hang out with the Kardashians.

  3. He should have said, “I wonder what her favorite books is…” And you would have answered, awe in your voice, “Well, young man, why don’t you come over sometime and ask her?”

    He’d still need that chastity belt, though. 😉

  4. HAH!!! Ah the joys of suddenly having to juxtapose Teacher/Student with Mom/Daughter. I’m sure the impure thoughts he had were clearly written across his face…

      • I have a friend who actually played that card. When his daughter’s boyfriend first arrived at the house to pick her up, he pulled the poor boy aside, put on his best smiled and said, “I want you to know that if you do anything to hurt my little girl, and mean anything, I have a shotgun and I’m not afraid of using it.”

        Two things make this hilarious to me – first, no guns are allowed in Greece; second, he’s the gentlest soul I can think of. Not sure his future son in law agrees with me, of course…

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