That Gentleman Has Seen His Last Trailer Park


The following was texted to me by a friend who was driving through one of the most gang-infested areas of the city…you know…where I used to work.  🙂

Leslie: Oh, my, God!  I was just driving through Maryvale, and I saw a white guy on a bicycle, waving a Confederate flag, screaming about ‘Mexicans and n——s’.

Me: It’s the new alternative to pulling a gun on a cop.  I call that move, “Suicide by Redneck.”

Leslie: Gotta work better than all the meth he was smoking.

Me: Trust me, that hillbilly has drunk his last Big Gulp.  Right now, his carcass is already being eaten by a pack of stray pit bulls and one really badass chihuahua.

Leslie: I hope they don’t choke on all the bullets.

37 thoughts on “That Gentleman Has Seen His Last Trailer Park

  1. Doug in Oakland

    After the third time my co-worker got beat up in the late ’90s, (he’s from Amarillo) we told him that there were, in fact, some words that white boys should refrain from using in public, at night, in Oakland, while drunk. He didn’t take it well, but was sick of waking up with staples in his head. At least he lived.

    • My guess is the guy just moved to Maryvale from somewhere white and methy, like Apache Junction, but who knows…maybe he just finally decided to let his freak Confederate flag fly.

      That’s hilarious, Doug. And seriously, staples in the head would be a PERFECT example of operant conditioning. Say bad words…beatdown. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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